We aspire to create a world where all women and non-binary folks have access to a supportive community and the resources they need to live their best life and step into their economic power.


Alex, Bethany, Erinn and Liz met through MPLS MadWomen, a local non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gender gap in creative fields. Together, we have spent years creating and fostering more inclusive environments both within our organizations and across the Twin Cities community. Our vision for The Coven is to cultivate a dynamic, diverse community of women and non-binary folks who inspire one another to lead more empowered lives. The Coven is our life's work.

Meet The Co-Founders



As the co-founder of The Coven, Alex is passionate about helping women step into their economic power. Whether it’s through coaching startups in their crowdfunding campaigns on iFundWomen or teaching students at the University of Minnesota, Alex helps connect community members to opportunities of success.

Prior to co-founding The Coven, Alex held the position of Communications Director for Fallon, and had a private PR practice leading strategies for businesses, politicians, startups and non-profits. She finds joy in helping women and non-binary people tell their stories. She told her own story on a blog called Strong Like Mama, dedicated to celebrating the struggles and triumphs of real moms and their little ones. Her multitude of skills and tireless work ethic is exactly the stuff bosses are made of.

Alex loves her two kids, husband, Oprah, and Beyonce in no particular order. She also genuinely just really likes people in general. On a bad (or good) day you can find her curled up with a plate of microwave nachos.




Bethany is fiercely passionate about creating a more just, equitable world. She agitates with love, hopes radically, and advocates fearlessly to create a world she wants to live in. Last fall Bethany abandoned her cushy career as an advertising executive to pursue the dream of The Coven and with it, the unknown. Her transition from Boss to Business Owner has been equal parts exhilarating and terrifying, but above all she is inspired by her three business partners and the not yet written stories of multitudes of women who will launch their own dreams from The Coven.

Bethany's fire for equity and justice often felt out of place in the world of advertising, though publications like Ad Age and AdWeek proudly featured her strong point of view. However, her career in advertising wasn't for naught, as she's now putting her knowledge of how to build bold, courageous brands into practice to create The Coven, a space where all women are empowered to do whatever the hell they want.

The only thing that rivals Bethany’s belief in the infinite power of human potential is the love she has for her dog, Coupon. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and a Master of Art degree in Rhetoric, Scientific and Technical Communication from the University of Minnesota.



After a 15-year career creating award-winning strategies for some of the most iconic brands in the world, Liz left the advertising industry to pursue her passion for imagining new business possibilities at The Coven. A quiet, thoughtful, and sassy human by nature, Liz is committed to redefining the face of strong leadership and crafting a new language for how business is done. She is a firm believer that our distinct experiences and beliefs are critical assets that make an organization powerful. Liz is unapologetic about fully understanding her worth, and advocates for others to do the same.

After completing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Spanish, Liz swore she'd never go back to school. As part of a lifelong commitment to proving herself wrong, she completed her Master's degree in Strategic Design and Management from the Parsons School of Design in 2017 while working full-time, launching a business, and raising a special young man named Tommy. She has not been bored for quite some time.

Liz lives for her family and rarely turns down a travel opportunity. As a fluent Spanish-speaker, she loves to visit Latin America with her Chilean husband, Gerd. You might find Liz biking around Minneapolis, worshipping at the altar of Alchemy, or exercising her vocal cords at some of the Twin Cities' finest karaoke establishments.



Chief Creative Officer

Erinn is relentless in her belief that we are stronger together. A lover of  people, process,  and design, she specializes in crafting high-performing spaces and cultures focused on empowerment and placemaking; her efforts help members  and partners to unlock their talents and create a joyful ruckus. Erinn is responsible for bringing The Coven’s ethos to life through physical space design, merchandise, and product partnerships.

Erinn believes finding ones space in the world relies on showing up unapologetically curious, honest and optimistic. Her distinct leadership approach has helped her win a bunch of fancy awards that pale in comparison to the lifelong relationships she cherishes and the unending education of sharing her life with humans equally committed to curiosity, inclusion, and equity. Erinn found her way to The Coven by way of a career in advertising where she was responsible for multiple platforms of brand experience including team &  office design along with introductions to new markets. Erinn’s childhood was filled with passionate conversation and storytelling, a graphic artist father, a technologist mother, and an environment that always encouraged the respect and discipline of the arts. She graduated with honors from Cornell University and leads a full and happy life devoted to family, friends, aggressive activity, cheese, and raising 2 of the most spirited, thoughtful and caring goons she could ever hope to meet.  The Coven allows Erinn to spend her life’s moments with her closest friends creating space and opportunities for women and non-binary folks to connect, collaborate, and joyfully conspire.