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Create Your Own Definition Of Success + Build The Habits That Support It

Have you ever pursued something - a degree, a bank account balance, a relationship - only to get it and feel, uh, wildly unsatisfied? Friend, we’ve all been there. That’s what happens when we chase someone else’s version of success because we haven’t defined what success really looks like for us.

Let’s spend two hours getting suuuuuper clear on what success looks like for YOU - personally, professionally, financially, emotionally, and physically. Then we’ll figure out which habits you need to build (or break!) to get you there.

Sarah Von Bargen (@yesandyesblog) is a writer, coach, and educator who helps people spend their time, money, and energy on purpose. She’s helped thousands of people save hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours without clipping coupons or completely giving up Netflix.

Cost: $10 (public) - Free (Coven member)