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Own Your Worth

The fact is, most women end up solely responsible for their financial well-being at some point in their lives. Two major forces are at work: women live longer than men, and nearly half of couples will divorce.

UBS asked the women behind the statistics if they felt prepared once they were no longer a part of a couple. What we found is alarming. Nearly 60% of widows and divorcées tell us they regret not being more involved in key financial decision while they were married. Their advice to you— indeed, all investors—is unanimous: Single or married, millennial or boomer, take an active role in your finances.

Join us for an enlightening seminar that will show how to own your worth. Happy Hour to follow!

You'll learn:

·  Why many women aren't as active in their finances as they should be, and how to take a more active role regardless of your current level of involvement

·  Why it's critical to break the cycle

·  A three-step plan to help you take control of your wealth today