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Fresh Start to Your Sexual Self-Care

Imagine growing up in a sex positive household — a place where your parents talked naturally and openly about your body, sensuality and sexuality. A place where you learned the actual names for your genitals instead of calling them “private parts.” A place where you were encouraged to be curious and fascinated in your body, just the way it is. Imagine receiving sex education in school at an appropriate age (as opposed to not at all, or when you were far too old) about the joys and pleasures of physical intimacy and sex, rather than it being fear-based, scaring the heck out of you and leading to guilt, shame or denial of your natural, beautiful, omnipotent sexual self!

Join Dr. Rachel Allyn — holistic psychologist, yoga teacher, writer, and pleasure expert — as she engages us in a conversation around cultivating a fresh start to your sexual self-care. Because it’s never too late to embody an attitude that recognizes it’s your birthright to indulge in pleasure. An attitude believing that sexual health is a fundamental part of your overall wellbeing, and an appreciation for how your sexual energy inspires creativity, connection and vitality. Together we’ll integrate education and discussion, including answering all of your juiciest questions about your body, sex, and intimacy.