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The Coven + AAICM Present: A Minneapolis Starlet: Hilda Simms

In 1944 Hilda Simms, a young woman from North Minneapolis, waited in the wings of the Mansfield Theater on Broadway. She was about to make her first appearance on Broadway and in doing so, she would help to shape Broadway history. Anna Lucasta was the first Broadway play to feature an all-black cast with a plot that did not center on racial themes.

Hilda's starring role as Anna Lucasta was just the beginning for this intellectual and creative woman. Hilda's move to New York in the 1940s would lead to a career on Broadway and in Hollywood where she was not only a brilliant actress, but a civil rights activist. In fact, her activism landed on her on the Hollywood Blacklist.

Join us for an evening with the African American Interpretive Center of Minnesota to learn about this Minneapolis starlet with a screening of Hilda Simms’ film work, a presentation on her life and work, and a Q&A with Hilda’s niece, Nannette Moses.

Tickets are available with an optional donation. All proceeds will benefit the AAICM.