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The Coven + Haus of Ojas Present: Self-Care as a Ritual

There’s a lot of buzz about “self-care” and how it can help you navigate everyday stresses. But, what does self-care really mean? And how are you supposed to find time for it? The “Self-Care As Ritual” session dispels myths about the self-care trend while giving you ideas on how to get started (and sustain) meaningful self-care. You’ll learn about ancient self-care rituals, like garshana (dry-brushing), self ahbyanga (hot oil massage), and nadi shodhan pranayama (alternate nostril breathing), but we’ll also discuss radically simple ways to take care of yourself (like going to the bathroom when you need to, drinking water, and making time for nourishing meals). In our fast-paced, high-demand culture, the creation of self-care rituals (both involved and simple) allows us to thrive and show up as the best versions of ourselves. If you’re in need of inspiration and grounding when it comes to your own daily rhythms, this session is for you.