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Leadership and Risk Taking with Shawn Judge

In this tme of uncertainity, doing things the way they’ve always been done is “the most risky thing you can probably do.” Innovation and competing at the top of your game requires risk-taking to uncover great ideas, motivate your employees or team members, and move your company and yourself to the next level of success.

We measure risk based on how comfortable we are with the potential outcomes or consequences. The higher the perceived personal risk, the less likely we are to take on the challenge. The less perceived risk there is, the more likely we are to make decisions. Risk-taking means bedcoming comfortable with uncertainty and the possibility of failure.

Leadership and Risk-Taking is an interactive seminar wherein you will learn:

  • Why we don’t take risks;

  • The four phases of fear;

  • How to turn negative thinking into positive thinking;

  • How to transform risk into opportunity; and

  • Steps to help you prepare for risk-taking.

Self-reflection and partner exercises, as well as, small-and large-group discussions and video will be utilized during this seminar.

Together, we will explore how risk-taking can improve the quality of our lives, professionally and personally.

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