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doTERRA Essential Oil Remedy Bar

The pure aromatic compounds of plants can help you whether you are anointing yourself for spiritual purposes or supporting daily digestion.  

At this Remedy Bar, have a custom "cocktail" of essential oils blended for you based on your needs and interests. Maybe your custom blend will address a system of the body - such as digestive or musculoskeletal. Or, you may want a blend for emotions, intuition or better sleep.

Choose from a menu of blend recipes like Laser Focus, Sweet Dreams, Worries Away or Clear The Clutter.

Experienced oil educators are on hand to help you with your blends and show you safe and effective use of essential oils. Resource materials will be available to discover oil qualities. You can become your own mixologist to create and name your own blend. It may become the next house favorite.

Whether you are just finding out about essential oils or your bathroom counters are filled with little amber bottles, this is the place to get your questions answered, learn more and sample pure potent plant power.

P.S. For $10, members will have an opportunity to mix their own personal oil roller. Proceeds will be donated to the Crisis Nursery.