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Paid Family and Medical Leave Town Hall

Women make up nearly half of Minnesota’s labor force (48 percent) and more than one-quarter of its business owners (27 percent).  However only 13% of Minnesota workers have access to paid family and medical leave. That means women are forced to face impossible choices when new children are born or adopted and when serious personal or family health needs inevitably arise.  

As workers struggle to balance caregiving with their job responsibilities, many end up facing economic hardship. Caregiving demands may even lead to effects felt across years or a lifetime due to lost jobs, missed raises, and reduced Social Security benefits. Employers, especially small rural ones, are also struggling to attract and retain good workers in competition with larger metro area employers that can afford to offer such benefits. Our current system has failed and is costly to workers, their families, businesses, and our economy. It’s time to modernize our workplace standards and benefits.

At this townhall, we'll hear from experts/Moms/business owners and advocates about ways to address this and policy solutions that would provide paid family leave to all Minnesotans. 


Stephanie Hogansen, from the Children's Defense Fund MN

Margi Scott, from Take12

Alex West Steinman from The Coven